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A Specialized Aging in Place Specialist (also called CAPS ) is a Specialist who understands that for an aging person, remaining in their home is very important for a person’s mental and physical health and happiness.  A CAPS will offer practical, professional and affordable approaches to helping the aging population remain self-sufficient, independent and safe while remaining in their present home.

How long does the process of making modifications to a home take?

As each situation is quite unique, the timeline for the completion of modifications varies from one home to another.  Once the initial assessment of your home has taken place and you have been presented and agreed upon the aging plan, then a detailed timeline schedule of the modifications to be made is completed with you. The agreed upon modifications can be done all at once

or can be completed over an extended period of time. Each modification timeline created is done with the client’s needs and wishes in mind.

Why contact a Certified Aging In Place Specialist?

To age in place, you might need to modify your house as you get older to provide for your changing physical needs. These changes vary from one home to another. A Specialized Aging in Place Specialist will help you determine what changes should be made to your home to help you transition into the aging process. A  C.A.P.S. Specialist can also help you save a great deal of money on a monthly basis by empowering you to age at home while accommodating all your changing needs at this time in your life.

When to contact a Specialized Aging In Place Specialist:

If you are considering your options about aging in place or if your parents are of retirement age, it would be beneficial to contact a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (C.A.P.S.) as they can help you plan and be better prepared to respond to the many changes that may occur as you age.  Such changes can be health, mobility, socially or financially based needs.