For many people, aging is a difficult, challenging and a change filled time of their life.  Some people might even state that they resent aging as they realize that they are no longer able to do what they used to do ten, or even five years ago.    For others, they choose to embrace this time of change and look upon it as an opportunity to embrace  a series of new activities and changes.   Many people have discovered that in order to age and remain happy and healthy, that  certain things should happen.  Being able to continue living in their community  is a choice which many people make.  Such a positive choice can create some challenges as they grow older, even if those people had always had a busy social life. In later life, as our mobility changes, getting around can become more difficult for yourself or other members of your social network.  To reach out and connect to others to remain happy and healthy,  it is important to…

Work at connecting regularly with friends and family:  By spending time with friends or family, you are able to enjoy going to an exercise or yoga class with a friend, having lunch with a neighbour, or  going shopping with a family member.  Rather than always wait for someone to call you, be bold and initiate by calling, or texting or even e-mailing to keep that contact going.

Become a volunteer:  Giving back to the community is a great way to develop friendships. For some people, anxiety  sets in and you might second guess yourself or find an excuse not to get out and volunteer. Do not listen to that excuse and get out of your comfort zone.  Once you get to where you are going, you will be so happy you did so.

Find support in groups in time of change or challenge: If you are going through a tough time, coping with a serious illness or a loss in your life, being part of a support group going through the same changes can be helpful. Join a group, participate in a new activity and spend more time surrounded by people who are helpful in getting your mind off what is going on in your life. Your participation will help make your life happier, less difficult.

Preventing Memory Loss:  Growing older does not necessarily mean that you forget things.  Brain training and new learning  can be accomplished at any age. The more you work at this, the stronger your memory becomes.  Learn new games, begin a new hobby, play memory games and be willing to even learn poetry, if need be.  The more you are determined to exercise your mind, the better your chances of preventing some memory loss.

Growing older can be challenging, however, if you choose to work at it  regularly and continue making friends and being involved  your aging process can be healthier and easier. Happy aging!