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In Danielle's Words

At a certain time in our life, we reach a point where we begin asking ourselves very difficult questions such as: where do I want to live as I grow older. Do I want to remain in my home or do I want to move to a retirement home. Is my health good enough for me to continue to live independently in my home, do I require the help of a caregiver, do I have the financial resources to continue living by myself in my home. These and many more are questions which only you can answer. We at Aging With Dignity believe that every aging person has the option to choose to remain in their home safely and comfortably for as long as they would like, while getting the required help to assist them in their daily routines. By providing you with regular blogs, we will attempt to help you cover some of the topics which you would like to get some help with. Should you have any questions which you would have answered, please contact us at: and we will attempt to provide you with an answer. We look forward to hearing from you soon.