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About Us

Aging With Dignity is a Canadian company located in Burlington, Ontario, and serving all of Ontario.  It is a well known fact that as we grow older, our bodies change.  As our bodies change, so should the design of our homes in order to accommodate the continual changes our bodies go through as we age.

Many people believe that living independently means that they are able to care for themselves and their home as they have always done.  Unfortunately, as we age, injuries or illness and the simple fact of aging often prevents us from being able to continue doing what we have always done, and as easily as we have always done it, in order to continue to live as independently as we would like.

Aging With Dignity was developed to help the aging population become more aware of the various options available to you in regards to living options to facilitate the aging in place process.  At Aging With Dignity, our goal is to help you to continue to live as independently as you can, while aging in place with dignity. Aging With Dignity works at keeping you as involved as possible in your present life and in your community, so that you can continue to be happy and still live independently. Aging With Dignity has also compiled and researched numerous service providers who can provide services to help seniors find ways to facilitate the aging in place process occurring at this time in life.

At Aging With Dignity, we make your space safe, functional and comfortable for you and your loved ones by helping you assess and modify your home to accommodate your changing needs by incorporating universal designs, products and services.  At Aging With Dignity, we also work with a wide range of expert service providers devoted to help you transition your home and lifestyle towards a safe and comfortable aging process at home.

At Aging With Dignity, we treat each of our clients like family and we work with them from start to finish to ensure all their needs and requirements are taken care of.  We listen to our client’s opinions and understand their concerns .  Following a detailed assessment, an aging in place plan is presented to you in the comfort of your own home.  When presenting our comprehensive report, we present our clients with various options to accommodate our client’s  needs,  timeline and budget.

Meet Danielle

Danielle St-Aubin is the owner of Aging With Dignity. She is French Canadian and is from a beautiful village called Moonbeam Ontario. Danielle has two wonderful children who are most supportive of the work she does.  Danielle has grown up with a mother who always stated that you do not transplant an old tree, meaning that an aging person is happier and healthier when able to live in their own home as they age. Based on this knowledge, Danielle chose to become certified as a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (C.A.P.S.). Danielle has a B.A., a B.Ed., and an M.Ed. She is also certified as a Senior Moves Manager and is a C.A.P.S. (Certified Aging in Place Specialist).

As a former educator, Danielle has over 30 years of experience in assessing, planning and providing comfortable and affordable solutions to her clients.  Even with her many years of experience in this area, Danielle continues to update herself in the latest technology, equipment and designs being introduced to the aging population in order to provide for her client’s diversified needs.  Danielle has worked with many clients of various ages and needs, as well as with a close family member who wished to remain safely and comfortable at home.  Danielle is most passionate and knowledgeable in the area of aging at home.

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Danielle enjoys helping homeowners of any age or ability, easily transition into the aging process by making improvements to their home to meet their needs at any age.  Accredited by the National Association of Home Builders, (NAHB) as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, ( C.A.P.S.), Danielle is most passionate about  getting to meet new people, listening to their wishes and concerns and being able to provide them with strong, reasonable and affordable solutions.

Aging With Dignity is your voice when you have concerns in regards to aging or when you are unsure of where to go or what living options are  available to you. This is a service which is offered free of charge by Aging With Dignity as we strongly believe that it important to work as a community to help each other.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us, please Contact Us.