Aging With Dignity is a company which believes that every aging person should have the option of living in their familiar environment throughout their maturing years. As most seniors prefer to age in place, Aging With Dignity wants to empower each individual to become aware of all their options and how these can be best attained. In addition, Aging With Dignity is your voice when you have concerns in regards to aging or when you are unsure of where to go, what services are available, or what you should do.


At Aging With Dignity, we understand how important it is to live in the comfort of your own home, by aging in place. Aging With Dignity (AWD) facilitates the process of aging in place for older home owners by making you aware of the process involved to successfully age in place, as well as provide you with a wide range of services to help you and your loved ones age at home in a dignified and secure way of living.

At Aging With Dignity, we work closely with individuals, family members and institutions to help you find the best solutions and ensure that they are practical, resourceful, and affordable. We personalize our services to meet your needs and help you remain independent, safe, and self-sufficient. As your optimal health and wellness is our priority in helping you adapt to the changes in your lifestyle, we provide you with information to help you make the right decisions.

At Aging With Dignity, we also create Individualized Socialization Plans (ISP) as well as Individualized Everyday Plans (IEP) to make your aging at home plan even more successful. An Individualized Socialization plan empowers you to continue to remain independent, while have a social plan which encompasses safety, community participation and your happiness. Such a plan can be designed for you in order to suit your needs and lifestyle. An Individualized Everyday plan (IEP) is a plan which is designed to suit your needs, and is created to help you complete your daily tasks with more ease and comfort as a goal. These plans are set up to facilitate coordination as well as successful completion of everyday activities, be it social , medical or personal.

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